WOLFERMAN’S baked the World’s Largest Cinnamon Roll this week! Such a cool experience to witness the weigh-in and see this MASSIVE cinnamon roll.

I’m going to share a few photos from the actual process of baking, frosting, & weighing the cinnamon roll. The official weight ended up being so much more than expected!

The cinnamon roll was baked for over 8 hours! The oven was actually created AROUND the giant cinnamon roll.

After frosting the cinnamon roll with 40 lbs of delicious sugary goodness, it was time to MOVE the cinnamon roll WITH A FORKLIFT to the scale.

How crazy is this?! moving the world’s largest cinnamon roll with a forklift.

It is official! Wolferman’s created the largest cinnamon roll in the world at a weigh in of 1,149 lbs. Can you believe it??


In order for the cinnamon roll to OFFICIALLY hold the Guinness World Record, it MUST be completely consumed. ALL OF IT!

Here is how you can be a part of history here in Medford :)

Head over to the Wolferman’s Tent at Pear-A-Fare THIS Saturday, April 14th, from 8am-5pm to help break the world record. Slices will be $2 and the proceeds will go to Teresa McCormick Center.

Wolferman’s is selling a 5 pound cinnamon roll in honor of the record. If you want to take home a slice of history – click here to order!

If you want to see some crazy fun facts like, 378 lbs. of cinnamon sugar filling used forย the world’s largest cinnamon roll, click here

We LOVE the Pear Blossom Festival so much! Here are some photos from last year, and you can check out my blog post here




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