During our road trip along the Southern Oregon Coast, we made a few pretty awesome and quirky pit-stops for the kids :)


FIRST, let’s start with West Coast Game Park Safari

This place was both a tad… sketchy and really cool ;) When you enter, you are bombarded by free roaming animals – sheep, deer, goats, and more! This was one of our favorite parts. The kids each bought a cup of food at the entrance, and got to feed the animals.

Throughout the day, handlers will bring out various ambassador animals such as baby bears, baby bengal tigers, skunks, foxes, bobcats… and you get the opportunity to pet them… crazy, right?!

My only wish is that it was less expensive. Other than that, I thought it was a great pit-stop along the coast! You can find more info HERE


Our next pit-stop was the PREHISTORIC GARDENS

I had heard all about these life-size dinosaurs somewhere in Oregon, and didn’t even realize it was right along Oregon’s Highway 101 Coastal Route. I saw the sign, and immediately HAD to pull over!

Fitz is the most typical 2 year old boy – fascinated with all things dinosaurs. I even had to change him into his dino jammies after he poured water all over himself in his carseat, AND he carried his T-Rex throughout the entire park.

Anyone else’s kids OBSESSED with maps?! I have to put a BAN on maps everywhere we go because they refuse to look anywhere but down at the map! This one was pretty cool though, and a fun little keepsake for them as well.

I’ve already gotten a lot of people through instagram asking if this stop was worth it. Honestly, I’m probably the worst person to ask this. I always thing everything is worth it – at least once, and I wouldn’t mind stopping here again :) even if it’s just for Fitz as he gets older and still loves dinosaurs. I think it’s one of those stops my kids will always remember – giant dinosaurs in the forest?! how do you forget that?

you can find more info about the Prehistoric Gardens HERE!

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