On our way from Crescent City to Fern Canyon, we drove right by The Trees Of Mystery. I have had sooo many recommendations on stopping here with the kids, and we finally had the time to do it! We got there early in the morning as the fog was still lifting, and it made for quite an eerie experience being lifted through the trees from the gondola ride.

I’m going to put together an 2 day coastal itinerary of our weekend from Gold Beach, OR to Gold Bluff Beach, CA. This is was just the most perfect half way point to break up the long drive!

i knew my kids were going to LOVE this place as soon as we pulled up and saw Paul Bunyan and his Ox, Blue! It was an added bonus when he started talking to us and complimenting my girls on their dresses :) Also, I am such a sucker for giant statues. Like that T-rex in Southern California?? need to go there.

Trees of Mystery have so many interesting and weird examples of tree growth! Like this octopus tree that my kids could run through, the candlestick branch, the cathedral… etc.

After walking through the trail of interesting and absolutely amazing Redwood trees, we headed up the path to the best part… the sky trail!

The kids thought this was the most amazing ride they’ve been on! Harper squealed as if it were a rollercoaster, and we thoroughly enjoyed the view and not having to shush the kids for being too loud!

Tanner is always looking for ways to scare the kids! I feel like we have been teasing about BigFoot ever since we hiked to the BigFoot trap a few weeks ago. So this was the perfect place to bring it up again to the kids.

Trees of Mystery is definitely a must when traveling along the coast, to stretch out your legs, get your kids running around and tired for the last part of the drive… or just plainly to see some really awesome trees.

and some fun snaps from my phone! For direct info on the Trees Of Mystery, CLICK HERE! FERN CANYON up next!!


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