ok! this was a fun hike, especially if you’re planning on spending the day at Applegate Lake! The trailhead is just past the entrance into the lake’s parking lot. if Hart-Tish Park/Applegate Lake is on your left, then the Trailhead will be on your right just a minute up the road :) So glad my niece, Claudia could come and visit us for the weekend and we could show her a little bit of Southern Oregon! 19 yr old niece = happy kids.

So thankful I chatted with the guy at the Hart-Tish store at Applegate Lake before we went for our hike. He let me know that when the trail comes to a fork in the road, do NOT turn right. That will take you on a 7 mile hike. The trail on the left will lead you straight to the Bigfoot Trap around 3/4 mile. Also, we parked at the upper parking lot at Applegate Lake. Remember parking is $5

the hike was shady and the trail went through groves of trees, over small rivers, and there are a few fallen trees that you will have to either go over or under. Beware of all the POISON OAK! it is everywhere. i can’t believe we all came away without any poison oak on our bodies!

This Trap is the only Bigfoot trap of it’s kind in the United States. The trap door is disabled, and apparently, a miner sighted a footprint and in the early 1970s a steel trap was constructed in the attempt to catch him.

Harper is our little hiker. She LOVES to go on hiking adventures, and begs to go almost everyday :)

Im so glad I had my deuter backpack to keep this guy away from the poison oak!

While this was only a 3/4 mile, it surprisingly seemed longer with kids ;)

Just went we thought we had somehow missed the trap, we saw it right up the last little hill. Harper was absolutely hilarious finding it. she really thought we would see BigFoot :)

Here she is, just SURE that she heard him.

Oh gosh, I love her.

After hiking to the BigFoot Trap, we headed back to Applegate Lake and spent the rest of the day hanging out at the lake. You can see that post HERE

and of course, some iphone faves:




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