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We discovered TOKATEE FALLS just this past summer, and already, it has jumped to my top three hikes. We have been doing this hike since having three kids under 5, so it’s definitely kid-friendly.

Tokatee Falls is easy to find, and although the “hike” is only half a mile, there are a LOT of up and down steps and uneven ground, and we had to take a few rest stops along the way for the kids. medfordmom-tokatee-falls-bridge A bench is located about halfway along the 0.4-mile trail.  The nearly 200 steps lead to an observation deck that is fenced. If you want to get down to the bottom of the falls, there is an opening at the top of the observation deck with a rope. Would recommend it with older kids. We would feel comfortable maybe taking our 6 year old :) Regardless, the waterfall is beautiful from a far, and the water looks crystal clear  medfordmom-tokatee-falls-stairs

There are also many viewpoints of the North Umpqua River running through a narrow rock gorge along the trail to the falls.

There are hardly ever big crowds, so you usually can get the observation deck to yourself for a little bit.

a few little throwbacks from our first time to Tokatee Falls:

Here is a link to more information about Tokatee Falls.

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We also LOVE going to The Umpqua Hot Springs, which is very close to Tokatee Falls

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