We miraculously drove into Brookings right at low tide one early, early morning a few weeks ago. We were so excited to finally be able to explore the tide pools at Harris Beach. Is it just me, or is Harris Beach ever-changing?! I feel like every time we go, we always discover a new section of the beach.

We had so much luck this time around at the Tide Pools! After hiking through rocks and climbing over driftwood, we made it to the pools and found so many tiny sea creatures.

We found the world’s tiniest pink shell, a teeny tiny sea star, hermit crab, and the cutest little crab :)

Violet made a little home for each creature we found and hopefully they can all live together peacefully ;)

This little kid is NOT an ocean lover…yet. He despises the sand all over his body and is completely freaked out by the water. Makes for an easy time at the shore not having to chase him away from the waves… but I’m sure we’ll get their eventually.

We made a quick stop at the Natural Bridge, and ended our tide pool adventure for Gold Beach. We spend the rest of the day on Jerry’s Rogue Jet Tour! Post coming soon! We loved it :)

We picked up this brochure from the Oregon Coast Aquarium when we went a couple weeks ago, and can’t wait to explore more tide pools throughout the entire Oregon Coast!

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