On a whim, we decided to pack up and head to Bend for the weekend. We have had an Oregon Bucketlist since moving to Southern Oregon, and exploring Bend has been a must on that list.

We had two days to see some of Bend’s most exciting features. First on the list was The Painted Hills. It isn’t exactly in Bend or event right around the corner from Bend, but the drive was definitely worth it!

What surprised us the most about Central Oregon was the drastic change of scenery compared to Southern Oregon! We lived in Arizona for 9 years, and we almost felt more at home with the wide open plains and more “desert” like mountains. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The Painted Hills is one of the most easily accessible paths especially with young children. It is most definitely NOT a hike, but more of a walking path.

Strolling up the path and being able to look out at this beauty with our children was absolutely wonderful (especially since there aren’t any crazy ledges).

This view is the last thing I ever expected to see in Oregon! The colors on the Hills were so colorful and vibrant!

Below the hills, you can explore more of The Painted Hills. Our kids had the best time running around and getting SUPER dusty and sandy :)

We would definitely recommend bringing some food. The Painted Hills are out in the middle of no where! Luckily we had come prepared with lots of snacks and sandwiches, and our hotel in Prineville was close to a grocery store before we headed out in the morning!

I don’t know if this place ever gets crowded, but we came in the fall and saw only a handful of people the entire time at The Painted Hills.

The Painted Hills is one of Travel Oregon’s “7 Wonders of Oregon” which makes it the 4th Wonder we’ve visited so far! We are making it a goal to visit all 7 by the end of this year :)

You can check out a recap of our entire Bend getaway HERE


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