The Storytelling Guild puts on the most fabulous Festival every summer. It is by far our most favorite festival of the year, and make sure we ALWAYS in town for it! $3 admission and hours of crafts, activities, performances and talking dragons.

It is held at The Britt in Jacksonville which in itself is such a beautiful venue to visit. The entire area is packed with booths filled with so many activities to kids. You can make puppets, noodle necklaces, play-dough, gak, erupting volcanoes, run through a wooden maze, and eat at the Dragon Deli… and soooo much more!!

So for the past year, I have had this noodle necklace hanging on my rear view mirror, and I could not for the life of me remember where it came from until we returned again to The Children’s Festival. haha! Finally figured it out!

I just have to add, that last year at the festival, Harper FINALLY touched a bug. She allowed a ladybug to crawl all over her arm. This girl was scared to death of ants… so this was a pretty big deal in our household ;) Fast forward to one year, and she lets pretty much anything crawl all over her (eeeek), but now, she is deathly afraid of any type of face paint, nail polish, lipstick (especially). so we were completely SHOCKED when she got this: (and kept it on all evening!?!)

Scienceworks has a big part of the festival and showed us all types of experiments!

Check out that bubble mid-pop! sisters….

We made sure to do the tie-dye this year. It is usually the longest wait, but we had to do it! We are still waiting the 24 hours before rinsing them… I’ll share what they look like later :)

More trash eating, and talking dragons….

I’ve always thought this was such a great idea! it’s just a washable wood wall that kids can paint all over. i need this in my backyard.

The volunteers for this festival and the members of The Storytelling Guild are seriously amazing! They spend months gathering nature objects for their craft booths. We loved this one! Shells, pinecones, driftwood, sand dollars, and LOTS of glue :)

Each year there is a queen that anoints princesses and princes. My girls think this is pretty amazing! We are actually heading back to the last day of the Children’s Festival tomorrow. we love it THAT much

You can check out more about The Children’s Festival at THE STORYTELLING GUILD


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