We decided to make a stop at Silver Falls State Park before heading into Portland for the weekend. I had seen beautiful photos of these waterfalls, and wanted to see them for myself! What surpised me the most, was not only the beauty of the waterfalls, but how amazing the entire park is! Silver Falls State Park completely blew me away.

We had limited time, so we decided to hike to South Falls first, and then North Falls on our way out the park. Honestly though, I wish we could have spent at least a couple of days here!

South Falls was incredible! It wasn’t very bust considering it was a holiday weekend, we maybe saw a handful of people along the path. Easy easy trail, and not very long until you reach the falls. This is the first time we’ve been to a waterfall with a path behind it, so it was pretty fun for all of us!

South Falls is a 177 foot waterfall that you can view from the front AND behind. How awesome is that? What was almost more impressive than the falls were the amazing rock formations and caves behind the falls!

Tanner almost lost his drone taking this shot! Be sure to head to my instagram and check out our fun little drone video that goes along with this photo :)





As we heading out of the park, we stopped at North Falls. The kids were super tired, so Tanner stayed in the car while I ran along the trail to see North Falls. I’m so glad that I did, because I actually liked it even better than South Falls!

The trail to North Falls seemed a little bit more exotic and interesting. It felt like I was in Indiana Jones or something.

You turn a corner, and see this:

the pathway behind the falls is extraordinary. I don’t know if it was just the perfect lighting at the time I was behind the falls, but the waterfall just lit up from the sunshine, and cast the most beautiful sun glares off the rocks and trees.

We truly enjoyed Silver Falls State Park. I would love to go back and hike The Trail of Ten Falls (7 mile loop). We only visited 2/4 waterfalls that you can walk behind.

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