This breathtaking hike is just a few minutes from our home, and one of our favorite Sunday afternoon strolls as a family :)

But, believe it or not… this is one hike that took us almost a year to get to! We hiked Smith Rock in Bend before we got to Roxy Ann!

The reason it took us so long to hike Roxy Ann is because we just didn’t know where to go or how to get to it. I mean, it’s literally right up the road off Hillcrest, but Medford was so new to me… it took me overย a year to stop using google maps every time I drove to the South Medford Walmart.

Whenย we moved here, people would talk about walking up Roxy Ann all the time, and I didn’t even know what Roxy Ann was! Then, after living here forย a while, I just felt too stupid to even ask someone how to get to the Roxy Ann trailhead. Hahaha. So, I’m writing this blog post for all you new Medford residents!

This is a definite MUST for all Medford residents… old AND new! The first time we hiked up Roxy Ann (and we’ve still never made it to the top), I just remember looking out and just realizing how beautiful the mountains are surrounding us, all of the beautiful vineyards and farmland that are such a neon colored green, and just in awe of our new city we are calling HOME.

DIRECTIONS: From downtown Medford, take Mcandrews to Hillcrest and turn Left onto Roxy Ann Rd (There will be sign for Prescott Park) and drive all the way up the road until you see the gate! Easy Peasy, Right??

Since our first walk up Roxy Ann, we’ve already been a dozen times, but these pictures are from my most recent hike – and this time I did it solo with Harper and Fitz. Thanks to my new hiking backpack, I seriously feel like I can do anything knowing I can strap at least one kid to me :)

And this is how high we got this time around. One day I’ll make it to the top!

Are these not the most amazing views of the valley?? Wow, Southern Oregon is truly beautiful.

And finding anything to jump off of is a must on every hike.

So get out to Roxy Ann! Spring is definitely our most favorite time of year to hike. The scenery is so green and the wildflowers are keeping things colorful.

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