We took the kids to Rogue Rock Gym last week and we were so impressed with their rock climbing skills!


We all had a great time climbing together. A piece of advice… leave anyone under 3 at home! I spent half the time chasing around my 18 month old.


Rogue Rock Gym was founded in September of 2005 as The Rogue Valleys first full service indoor climbing facility. Their vision was to create a meeting place for the local climbing community, as well as provide safe qualified instruction to newcomers to the sport. In 11 years of operations we have served over 30,000 climbers. The youth programs have helped build strength and inspire confidence for hundreds of kids in our area and our Climbing Team has helped produce competitors at the National level. MedfordmomRogueRockGym3

Their mission is to continue to provide a safe and fun climbing environment accessible to climbers of any ability level, from beginner to professional. They take pride in their years of experience in instructing fundamentals to advanced climbing skills, as well as their ability to create fun, unique and challenging climbing routes on their walls.  MedfordmomRogueRockGym4

Luckily we went with friends who go to Rogue Rock Gym all the time, so they showed us the ropes ;)


I can’t believe how fearless kids are! No hesitation… even from my almost 4 year old! (and she’s typically scared of everything)

MedfordmomRogueRockGym6 MedfordmomRogueRockGym7 MedfordmomRogueRockGym8

We loved the boulder section of the gym. My girls were up and down all night. Do you notice the blur in the bottom right hand corner? That’s what I got to chase all night.

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