We experienced Paddle Boarding as a family on Emigrant Lake in Ashland, Oregon last weekend. We are completely hooked! I absolutely LOVED it. Thank you to Liquid Blue SUP, which is based right at Emigrant Lake, who had everything we needed for the day.

We showed up with our swimwear, and Danny & Jackie set us up with the rest! I rented the Touring SUP which was perfect for carrying my babes along with me. I felt very secure and found that it was actually pretty hard to tip over my kids (not that i tried or anything ;)). Nobody fell of MY board… :) Tanner rented the Standard SUP. 2/3 kids fell off his board. He needed to use a lot more balance than I did to keep the kids on, but they loved hanging out on his as much as mine!

We happened to go on the same day as SOU’s “float day” so… you can imagine the chaos! you can also imagine a 30 (something ;)) year old mom Paddle Boarding for the first time with 3 kids in tow trying to maneuver past hundreds of college students at the shore line. it was pretty comical.

The water was surprisingly not as cold as we thought it would be, and the kids had a blast as we turned out of the cove and paddled onto shore where they spent a good half hour just exploring and throwing rocks into the lake. We waited for Tanner to meet up with us, and from there we paddled to the opposite side of the lake.

The lake wasn’t super busy with boats, which was perfect for us trying to figure out how to stay on when the wake would come towards us from some of the bigger boats! We would love to try kayaking next time, and Liquid Blue SUP supplies those right at Emigrant Lake as well!

Jackie had warned us that the moment you try and look behind you, you WILL fall in. Sure enough, Tanner looked behind him to try and find me and he and Fitz fell right into the water. Fitz was soooo tired afterwards and was so close to falling asleep on my board. Violet fell in next… and honestly… i have no idea how she did it! haha. She just tipped right in all by herself.

we can not WAIT to go back to Emigrant Lake and Paddle Board again. The views were unbelievable, and we will be sure to bring out the waterproof go-pros to take some really fun pic of the kids! We have so many fantastic lakes here in Southern Oregon, and investing in some fun water equipment is my dream! Thanks to Liquid blue SUP for having us come out and really experience Paddle Boarding as a family :) Be sure to check them out this summer at Emigrant Lake!

more info about Emigrant Lake:

Official state info HERE

5505 Highway 66, Ashland, Oregon,

I-5 to Exit 14 (Ashland) Highway 66
Take Highway 66 east about 3.5 miles to Emigrant Lake Park turnoff (left-hand side)

Emigrant Lake Emigrant Lake

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