I still have sand in my car… 3 weeks later :)

On our roadtrip along the Southern Oregon coast, we made a stop at Hall Lake between Florence & Bandon. We spent the entire morning and afternoon (attempting) to slide down the dunes with our snow sleds! We quickly discovered… snow sleds are worthless in the sand, and just down the street you can rent ACTUAL sandboards!

the kids had just as much fun rolling down the hills into the lake :) and somehow managed to never complain about sand in the eyes.

Out of our entire visit along the coast, Bandon, Florence, Port Orford, Brookings… the kids still said, the Sand Dunes were their favorite, and we didn’t even rent any dune buggies or sandboards! We are patiently waiting for Fitz to turn at least 3 for us to all go on the buggies together. There are a TON of places to rent equipment all along this stretch of the coast.

We were the ONLY people on this stretch of the dunes, and it was so nice being able to let the kids run free!

If you can’t tell, that is the ocean right behind Violet! How amazing is Oregon?!

Guess who was the first to face plant?

I’ll give you a hint… it was the youngest ;)

This drone shot keeps freaking me out!

I love this photo because it perfectly shows the diversity of Oregon. Sand dunes against miles of trees.

Packing it in for the day and heading to our next stop. I’m putting together an entire coast itinerary, coming soon!


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