Ashland is one of our all time favorite cities. We love going for the day, taking out-of-towners, and having staycations (Like this one). However, SOMETIMES we go to Ashland just for Martolli’s.

Martolli’s has two locations. The only one we’ve been to is the location right in the plaza downtown at 38 East Main St. We love this locations because if it’s a beautiful day we can order our pizza and walk right over to Lithia Park and have a picnic. If it’s cold and windy, we absolutely love dining in, but we still have that fun vibe of being right downtown.

You can order by the slice or order any size pizza. We typically order the biggest size they have and all share, but we’ve actually priced it out and ordering by the slice might actually be a little cheaper… as long as you want the slices available :) There are obviously a TON of different varieties of pizza to order on their more elaborate menu.

Getting in on the pizza flipping action :) My kids also LOVE Martolli’s for the easy going atmosphere (which makes my mama nerves calm down a bit)

speaking of atmosphere… “We admire great music and enjoy discussing live music and concerts. Patrons can’t help but enjoy the restaurants walls, which are decorated with local art, old band photos, and posters of concerts we’ve attended and some we have just dreamt of.” – Mark and Brad (the owners)

Pictured below is their Combination Pizza which includes mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, red onion, green bell peppers, black olives & house Italian sausage. You can check out their menu HERE.

Martolli’s also offers Organicos gluten-free crusts in their personal (small) size and has a vegan cheese option as well. There are so many options that all look sooooo good!

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