We decided the morning of our long road trip back to Southern Oregon from Santa Cruz, that we would stop along the way at Lassen Volcanic National Park. I had no idea it was only about an hour East of Redding. This was our last big hiking adventure before school was to start for our 1st grader, and we really went out with a bang!

We entered through the South Park Road and only had time for the Bumpass Hell Trail, but it was amazing! It’s a 3 mile roundtrip hike, which took us ALL DAY… remember, we hike with kids? Violet practically ran and jumped the entire way back, while Harper claimed she never wanted to hike again :)

Bumpass Hell is the largest hydrothermal area in the park. The temperature from Big Boiler, the largest fumarole in the park, has been measured as high as 322ยฐF! Making it one of the hottest fumaroles in the world.

And in case you were curious why it is named Bumpass Hell, here is what I found out,ย Bumpass Hell was named after an early settler who severly burned a leg after falling into a boiling pool. So there you have your smart fact of the day ;)

Next time we would really like to try and see Cinder Cone. It is in the North East side of the park, so it might be easier to come in from the North Park Road which is closer to Oregon.

If there is a cool place you’ve seen in Lassen Volcanic National Park, please comment below and let us know where to go next!


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