We experienced Jurassic Quest last night at the The Expo in Central Point! We all had such a fantastic time. The kids are going to talk about this for years!

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I was most excited to see their initial reactions to the dinosaurs, which obviously, did NOT dissapoint! There was a lot of pointing, ooh-ing, and wide-eyed stares.

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Inside The Expo, the dinosaurs came to life throughout the different exhibits. There were also real dinosaur fossils to see, and dinosaurs that you could actually ride!

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Outside the main event, you can make your way into the other buildings. This one below had the Toy Store, a Green Screen (to take pictures in front of), face painting, and the ticket booth. We had the VIP pass which allowed us unlimited use for almost all activities. Definitely worth it!


Heading outside again, we went to the building with giant sand boxes filled with dinosaur bones.

medfordmom-jurassic-quest-11 medfordmom-jurassic-quest-12

More dinosaur rides!

medfordmom-jurassic-quest-13 medfordmom-jurassic-quest-14

and my kid’s favorite part… the Bounce Houses! We spent most of our time here, and with our VIP bracelets, we were able to jump for as long as we wanted. There were about 5-6 giant bounce houses including one for tots 2 and under.


My kids brushed off their driving skills in the Jeep Driving area before heading over to the Walking Dinosaur Show.

medfordmom-jurassic-quest-17 medfordmom-jurassic-quest-18 medfordmom-jurassic-quest-19

We ended the experience with the Photo-ops, and made our way back through the exhibit.

medfordmom-jurassic-quest-22 medfordmom-jurassic-quest-20

Jurassic Quest has made it’s way back to Central Point, and hopefully they continue to make their visit to Southern Oregon!

Click here for more information about the exhibits and ticket pricing.

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