Jacksonville has so many fantastic hiking trails that are perfect for kids!

We’ve hiked around The Britt, and now we can check Beekman Canyon Trail off the list. We can’t wait to explore more trails on the Jacksonville Trails Map.

A friend of mine recommended this hike to me months and months ago, and one day while driving through Jacksonville on a sunday afternoon, we finally stopped and explored.

This hike is directly behind the historic Beekman House, and you can park right in the parking lot and walk up behind the house and to the trail head.

My kids LOVED the water feature, and a play group had left some buckets behind that my kids took full advantage of!

The trail is shady and for the most part fairly flat. The Madrone Trees were absolutely fascinating to my kids, when they actually stopped running for a chance to take in their surroundings :)

One of our favorite parts about hiking in Jacksonville is being so close to one of our favorite Spray Parks. Doc Griffin Park :) We always makes sure to stop on our way home and let the kids cool off in the water. It is a perfect park for little kids!

For more trails in Jacksonville, you can click here for the Jacksonville Woodlands Association.

Click HERE for info and pictures of Doc Griffin Park in Jacksonville. We love it!

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