We woke up early and headed up to Brundage Mountain to ride the chairlift and hike around the mountain. It is a beautiful ski resort during the winter months, but we loved it during the summer! They have food, a gift shop, a playground, ponds, mountain biking, badminton, and so many fun activities! We can’t wait to come back when the kids are a little older and bike down the mountain.

There were so many beautiful wildflowers throughout the trail, and tons of butterflies to keep the kids entertained :) At the top of the mountain, you have a beautiful view of Payette Lake.

After Brundage Mountain, we drove back into town and relaxed by the water for a little bit before heading out to Yahoo Corrals for horseback riding. Violet and I were able to have a little mommy/daughter date, and it was so special! It was her very first time riding a horse – and she did awesome! It was the perfect kid-friendly activity and we loved exploring the trails of McCall.

We even got to see some amazing views of Payette Lake!

In the meantime, Fitz, Harper, and Tanner got to hang out with llamas and baby kittens :)

After the ride, we got to have an amazing BBQ with Yahoo Corrals!

including cookie s’mores. I think Fitz ate a dozen marshmallows!

This was definitely a day to remember! We have made so many special memories together as a family. McCall will forever be one of our most favorite places on the planet. A huge thank you to Southwest Idaho Travel Association for sending us to McCall and planning all of our activities. It is truly a family-friendly destination!


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