Can I just say how much Idaho blew us away?! McCall is absolutely unreal. The most amazing resort town where you feel like you’re living in a perfect family film. We kept noticing how happy & friendly everyone WAS in McCall… because look at this place!

We stayed at the Alpine Village Suites which was incredible! Perfectly situated downtown with just a short walk to Lake Payette and ALL the fantastic restaurants.

We started our day off with a Payette Lake Cruise with McCall Lake Cruises. The scenery & weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The kids were so excited to be on the boat – especially one that had food and drinks :)

Can you even get over this face?! Pure happiness being captain of the ship!

…and we are offically looking for homes in McCall, Idaho.

ok, let’s talk about downtown. Picture perfect, beach access, loaner beach toys for kids, parks, amazing restaurants, and candy shops.ย 

we spent the rest of the day exploring the shops and playing down at the water. The kids never wanted to leave – and we literally did not walk back to our suite until after sunset. It was dreamy. A perfect 1st day of our Idaho vacation

When you see a burger place with lines out the door at all times of the day… you know it must be good! We tried out My Father’s Place and loved it! The atmosphere was just as great as the food, and we would highly recommend it for families!

A trip to McCall is NOT complete without a visit to Ice-Cream Alley!

This is ONE SCOOP. ONE! split into two different flavors. Amazing :)

See? Sunset. We never once told them it was time for bed… because the day was just magical!

A huge thank you to Southwest Idaho Travel Association for this amazing vacation! #sponsored

Day 2 of our Idaho adventure HERE!

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