-hiking Southern Oregon’s Hobart Bluff with kids-

This past weekend I decided to take the kids out on an adventure while Tanner drove to Northern California for the day to help at a Dude Ranch :)

If you are looking for a great Southern Oregon hike that is doable with kids, then DO THIS ONE! (video at the very end)

HOBART BLUFF has been on my list of hikes forever, and I decided to finally tackle my loooong hiking list this summer!

I had heard of Hobart Bluff from one of my #medfordmom tags on instagram. The photo was submitted by a friend while I was featuring photos from other “Medfordmom’s” for a month.

Hobart Bluff is a 2.4 mile out and back hiking trail located in Ashland, past Emigrant Lake, and close to Hyatt Lake. It’s also a part of the Pacific Crest Trail! Hobart Bluff was definitely kid friendly! There were groups going up and down all morning, and the trail is fairly easy.

The girls did incredible! They packed their little backpacks with snacks, water, and their special stuffed animals of course ;) Fitz rode in my backpack the entire way to the top – barely missing my head with a stick in each hand. we stopped along the path for rests and snack breaks, so roundtrip the hike took us a couple of hours. We were definitely taking our time.

This girlie just killed me with her little kitty sticking out of her backpack pocket. Seriously adorable. At times I feel like she’s growing up so fast, but then things like this make me so happy to see my little girl still being a little girl.

The views are incredible all along the Hobart Bluff trail. i’m pretty sure the girls were fed up with all the pictures and video, but I couldn’t help myself! It’s even more amazing in person.

Getting to the last stretch of the hike up!

And we come across an entire hillside of yellow wild flowers! Can you even believe it? It was magical and the girls said they felt like they were in The Wizard of Oz.

something incredibly special about Hobart Bluff is that at the top you are able see Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLaughlin, and Mt. Ashland. We went on the most clear day, and could see each mountain top still covered in snow! It was breathtaking.

It felt amazing being at the very top of Hobart Bluff with these three crazies. I hope i’ve gotten the adventure bug into them!

i absolutely loved that Violet packed her little journal and pen into her backpack. I had no idea! She drew pictures of everything she saw on the hike up including those yellow wildflowers and all the butterflies!

and then, the descent down the mountain! I have to say, while the girls were phenomenal hiking to the top (save the last few minutes when I had to carry Fitz AND Harper), they had a pretty difficult time going back down the mountain. Not only were the exhausted, but I came to the conclusion that they needed better hiking shoes for sure (and immediately after purchased these hiking shoes for them).

We can’t wait to take Tanner up Hobart Bluff and show him how amazing this hike is! It’s so close to home, and one of my top favorites!

Check out a little video of our hike:


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