Happiness Delivered with Harry & David

Harry and David invited me to attend their blogging tour with a few other incredible bloggers from around the country. Being taught the history of this company, I soon realized the importance it has here in Southern Oregon. Harry & David gave me a greater appreciation for what their entire company brings to this area.

People LOVE working for Harry & David. LOVE THEM! I think that was one of the biggest impressions I took away from the entire tour – was how much their employees make the (enormous) company feel like a family.

The first day of the tour, we had the opportunity to eat the most amazing breakfast spread at Harry & David’s Royal Crest Orchard!

We were taught the extensive process of their harvest season, and spent the morning driving through the beautiful pear orchards.

We spent time in their candy factory, and were able to make our own chocolate bark! Trust me, it was hard to make it look as elegant as Harry and David’s :)

If you take anything away from this post, just take note of the amazing spreads Harry and David whips up!

Can you believe Harry and David produces 75,000 gift packages every single day?! I put together ONE, and it took me nearly half an hour!

The entire tour was absolutely amazing. It felt so special to belong to this wonderful Rogue Valley community, and share so much about this region to the other bloggers. It was exciting to tour local vineyards, and spend time “being a tourist” in my own city. I am excited to share more of my favorite Harry and David products in the future. You give me party food, and I’ll throw a party!… or just copy every single thing Harry and David provided for us :)

These bloggers are majorly talented and felt so honored to be among them :) Check out their blogs here:


I of course have to give a shout out to the amazing Magnolia Inn in Jacksonville. The bloggers stayed here the entire tour, and I enjoyed a girls night with my daughters here on the very last night :) The absolute picture perfect stay, and the best hospitality!

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