About 4 years ago, we took a roadtrip from Arizona to Oregon. Little did we have any idea we would end up making that same road trip one year later to LIVE in Southern Oregon. Each drive back to Oregon, we drove right on past Fern Canyon. One time getting so close – practically driving right past the entrance, but we never took the road that would lead us to this amazing canyon.

Finally, after 3 years of living in Southern Oregon, we decided to make the drive from our weekend stay on the Southern Oregon Coast all the way down to Fern Canyon. The drive home was going to be brutal – but I will tell you, totally worth it.

Fun Fact: Jurassic Park III was filmed in Fern Canyon!

Fern Canyon is one of my TOP favorite hikes EVER. It really has everything. climbing over fallen trees, wading through water, beautiful scenery, and lots of different passage ways that you can hike through. We didn’t even make it to the very top of the canyon, and we were there for a few hours!

You can camp right next to Fern Canyon at Gold Bluff’s Beach Campground, which is also overrun with elk!

Fern Canyon was the last stop on a 2 day coastal roadtrip.

We started in Gold Beach (Jerry’s Rogue Jet Tour) – BrookingsCrescent CityTrees of Mystery – Fern Canyon/Gold Bluff Beach – home (Medford)

so worth the drive, and the $8 entry fee we somehow scrounged up from inside our car when we got to the entrance ;) We would love to try camping there next time. A really quick/fun stop is Prairie Creek – where herds of Roosevelt Elk roam everywhere!

Can’t wait to head back and hike through the entire canyon next time!

After Fern Canyon, we walked over to Gold Bluff Beach. we had to wade through knee deep marsh from the parking lot to the sand, but once we got to the sand it was amazing. We had an entire stretch of beach all to ourselves!

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