First of all, a HUGE thank you to Enchanted Forest for hosting my family and I on our way home to Southern Oregon from Portland. This place was pure childhood magic. It brought back ALL the nostalgia of growing up and going to Fairy Land in Oakland as a kid. Only this park has more kiddie-fair-like rides as well as a couple really fun rollercoasters!

If you saw on the map I posted, there are so many aspects of the park. The Nursery Rhyme/Fantasy section (which included everything such as Alice in Wonderland, Dwarf’s Mine, Old Lady’s Shoe slide), Haunted house and Big Timber Ride, Tofteville mining town with old school gun shooting and boat booths, Bobsled rollercoaster, Old World Village, and soooo much more! It was the absolute perfect stop along our way home, or for anyone that lives in the area, it’s less than an hour south of Portland.

Violet’s most favorite part was going down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole and ending up inside Wonderland and the maze.

Harper loved the Big Timber Log Ride (which was my favorite as well)… we ended up getting absolutely soaked, but it was a blast!

Fitz loved the Witch slide at the Dwarf’s Mine, the slide at the Old Lady’s Shoe, and the Bumper Boats :)

I loved that my 2 year old could go on almost every single ride. It was the most perfect theme park for my kid’s ages right now (6, 4, and 2). They are begging to go back EVERY time we head to Portland.


  • PRICING and HOURS can be found on their site HERE. We ended up getting the wristbands, and made sure we arrived at the park early so we could do the rides over and over again without having to wait in any lines.
  • There is food at the park
  • If you want water without having to buy a water bottle, we just simply asked for cups of water, and they gave us huge cups of freezing cold ice water. I don’t know about you guys – but it seriously makes such a difference to me as a mom when parks give you free water :)
  • The Log Ride provides ponchos for you! I have never been to a park that actually gives you something to stay dry on a ride. good thinking Enchanted Forest!
  • Plan for a few hours, at least! This was perfect for tiring our kids out for the 3 hour car ride back home. But, we could have easily had lunch, and then walked through the entire park again if we hadn’t had to drive home!
  • Again, get there early! the little kid section with all the rides started filling up FAST after we had been on everything a couple times.


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