with kids of course :)

Valley View Orchard in Ashland is the most beautiful & picturesque orchard in the whole valley! Last year, we went Peach Picking, and when I heard we had missed cherry season, I KNEW I would NOT miss it this year.

One of my favorite parts (and the kids) is the cute little swing set. I mean, those views?!

Valley View Orchard provided us with buckets, Β but I would recommend bringing your own if they are super busy! (and don’t forget to bring a box to take your cherries home in).

We headed towards the cherries with their dog in tow :)

The trees were so full of Rainier Cherries! The kids needed NO help grabbing as many as they could reach. They were seriously soooo delicious.

The cherries are $4.50 /lb…. so a bit pricey, which meant I didn’t let them take too many cherries home, but they had fun all the same :)

This boy. His happiest moments were being with the dog. finding a pile of dirt. getting completely soaked in the irrigation water.

Photo cred: Violet :)

Harper is the butterfly whisperer! She is always finding butterflies and getting them to land on her! Sweet girl.

Check out other U-Pick Farms HERE! We are really looking forward to Peach Season!

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