Our closest Southern Oregon beach!


We spent one of our last summer days in Brookings, OR. We drove up just for the day, and wish we could have stayed longer! Taking the windy roads to Brookings usually makes us really car sick, but for some reason…this last time we went, we felt pretty good!


Thankfully we received so many incredible recommendation through Instagram and Facebook, and went to different beaches and new places to eat this time around! We can’t wait to return and try out even MORE suggestions! If you want to check out the Brookings recommendations, you can go HERE!


We started the day by stopping at Chrissy Beach. They have a wonderful welcome center (and great bathrooms for the kids ;))


The driftwood on Chrissy Beach was out of this world! My girls could have played on the driftwood for the rest of the day.

medfordmom-brookings-3 medfordmom-brookings-4

Chrissy Beach also has a really neat path through a grove of trees.

medfordmom-brookings-6 medfordmom-brookings-7 medfordmom-brookings-5

We had soooo many great recommendations for places to eat, but knew our kids would devour pizza, so we tried Zolos Pizza. We liked the location, and the inside was really fun with customer drawings all over the walls. We sat in their enclosed outside area that was perfect for our kids. It’s right at the dock, so we could take our kids out along the warf while we waited for our pizza.


We LOVED Secret Beach! It was amazing. We were forewarned that there was a hard hike right at the bottom to get down to the beach, but we did it with a 5, 3, 1.5 yr old! Definitely worth it!

medfordmom-brookings-secret-beach-2 medfordmom-brookings-secret-beach-5

Secret Beach has a waterfall, and a stream with salamanders! The kids had a blast trying to catch them.

medfordmom-brookings-secret-beach-7 medfordmom-brookings-secret-beach-4 medfordmom-brookings-secret-beach-3

How amazing is the Oregon coast? Waterfalls, streams, ponds, hiking, AND the ocean in one destination??


We ended up driving all the way up to Gold Beach, wanted to get out and play at the beaches there… but 2/3 of the kids were asleep in the car, so we headed back to Brookings to get to Harris Beach before the drive home.


We love Harris Beach. I feel like it’s the most accessible and one of the best beaches in Brookings. The easiest beach to spend the day at.



If you want to check out all the recommendations given on Instagram for what to do and where to eat in Brookings, click this picture:

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