Brookings in November?? We could NOT believe how incredible the weather was! The clearest blue sky and the warmest weather we have EVER encountered on the coast.


brookings-4 brookings-5


img_1997 img_2008

And just like that, the clouds rolled in, the weather went cold and the waves were INSANE.

We started building our own beach haven, and just as were done, the largest wave came rolling in and completely demolished everything in it’s path! Literally within milliseconds, ย our little hut was washed to pieces.


Also, that giant wave came soooooo close to not only sweeping my shoes away into the ocean, but we grabbed our camera and phone and kids (maybe or not in that order) just before they were drenched in H2O. PHEW.

We stopped at Secret Beach just before heading back to our little AIRBNB cottage, but the tide had completely taken over the beach area! Even though we couldn’t make the hike down to the beach, the view was amazing!



We decided to head back to Lone Ranch Beach and check out their tide pools.




After our night’s stay in Brookings, we woke up to rain! We decided to chase the clear skies and drove into Crescent City, CA.


We found a beach full of Sand Dollars! In all of my years, I have never found so many sand dollars on the beach before! We can’t wait to visit again :)



We obviously have a love for the coast (as most of you do), but you can check out our other posts on Brookings HEREย and our visit to Crescent City in the Spring HERE

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