Applegate Lake is one of our favorite lakes to visit for the day. It has the most picturesque views

There is a fantastic grassy green hill that leads right up to the water that is perfect for picnics and spending the afternoon!

Obviously the water doesn’t phase any of us :) We all got in, freezing temps and all.

the kids have a blast walking and playing along the driftwood. Last time we went, we even shoved a huge driftwood log out into the lake and the girls sat on it for hours.

When we drove into Applegate, we first went on a fantastic hike to The BigFoot Trap! It is located right after the turn off into Hart-Tish Park/Applegate Lake.

You can also rent Paddle Boards, kayaks, and other water rentals at Applegate Lake. We have been Paddle Boarding at Emigrant Lake, but Applegate Lake would be a fantastic place to go since it is a “No-Wake” Lake :)

and of course a few i-phone pics :)

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