It’s no secret to my Instagram friends that I am a huge lover of all things FOOD TRUCK 🙂

It’s been my goal to try something from every truck, and in the future I will most definitely create a post on each individual food truck, but here is what I have had so far as my faves:

Curbside King serves fresh and healthy Asian fusion meals which are amazing!

This is the Tai Peanut Chicken in lettuce wraps:

and Tanner’s favorite is the Chicken Chimichurri over rice (bento style):

I also crave Northwest Pineapple almost every. single. day. soooo good

This is the Protein Acai Bowl (Large) that I get every time. Berry smoothie, peanut butter, coconut shavings, blueberries and so much more goodness 🙂

I finally understand all the hype around Word on the Street‘s fish tacos! These are his more “mild” fish tacos for newbies. I told him to just surprise me because I will literally eat anything.

Everyone kept telling me that I had to try Ooblies WafflesThis is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken sandwich which is to die for! We Also had one of their dessert waffles 🙂 Seriously, so delicious!

CHECK OUT more from our visit to Ooblies Waffles HERE

For Dessert, you can’t beat Sweet Cream! They just recently celebrated their ONE year birthday and offered free kid’s cones to everyone. We really loved the Almond Fudge Swirl. My kids ordered the Lavender Lemon Zest (Which was awesome. They LOVED it), Plain Chocolate, and Fruity Pebbles. We all devoured them, and will most definitely be back to try out more flavors 🙂


  1. I tried Curbside King yesterday- chicken chimichuri over salad. It was so flavorful! Thanks for the recommendation. I meant to order the Acai protein bowl, but forgot all about it. You should check out Wok Star next. They park on 8th street between Front Street and Fir. Their kimchi fried rice is delicious!
    I check your blog all the time. Keep it up Medford Mom!

    • so glad you liked it! And Wok Star is one of my friend’s absolute favorite. On the list to try for sure 🙂 Thanks for following along!