We started the month off well with a first time visit to Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry for this little one! I thought Dr. Dixon would have his work cut out with this one, but she did great!


We were finally able to find some time to go sledding before the season was over. We went to Union Creek’s Farewell Bend.

You can read more of our sledding adventure HERE.

The day started out a little gloomy and really began to rain hard on our drive towards Farewell Bend, but about a half hour into sledding, the rain stopped!

We can’t wait to try out more sledding hills next winter.



Our Five year old, Violet got to take her very first ski lesson at Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

It was awesome.

They did an incredible job! We loved our instructor, Alex, and Violet really learned to ski within an hour!


We can’t wait to go back this winter and take advantage of having Mt. Ashland Ski Area just 45 minutes away.

Our entire skiing experience and our private lesson is on the blog HERE.



I felt so lucky to spend so much one on one time with this cute girl this month! We were lucky enough to win tickets to Barrage 8 held at the Craterian Theater!

The show was amazing. We really hope they come back again to Medford. I would recommend their show to everyone!


Every member of the group played multiple instruments, and said they all started when they were around Violet’s age. Time to find her a Violin teacher!


We had family in town for Easter, which always gives us an excuse to explore more of Southern Oregon!

This time we headed down to California to Crescent City. We absolutely LOVED it! We’ve always gone to Brookings for a quick day trip, but I’m so glad we tried out Crescent City.

The kids loved Ocean World Aquarium.


We’ve been to the Monterery Bay Aquarium, SF Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium… so we knew this one wasn’t going to be as grand as the others, however, we were pleasantly surprised.

The cost was very inexpensive, we got to touch tide pool creatures, pet sharks and sting rays, and the sea lion show was really fun!


You can see all of our adventures in Crescent City HERE!

We also went to Central Point’s Easter Egg Extravaganza!

It was huge! A massive turnout. It was our first time, and we all really had a great time.


We loved all the games and booths they had set up.



Our Easter was wonderful, full of family, faith, and food 🙂

Looking forward to a beautiful spring with LOTS and LOTS of hiking!

There were so many fantastic events around the Rogue Valley in March. Many of them I wasn’t even able to get to!

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