On Friday, We headed over to 7 OAKS FARM in Central Point. We went for their Fall Activities but they don’t start until Oct. 3rd, but they already have their pumpkins out, and I wanted to see what the farm was all about on a regular day. A friend had recommended 7 Oaks Farm for fresh, organic produce that they have throughout summer and fall and told me about their play area. seven oaks farm playground

I can imagine coming here every year and seeing how much my kids have grown!seven oaks farm playground

H was obviously not thrilled about the “pony” swing…seven oaks farm playground

however, they LOVED the little play house! They swept and swept that little house… and check out those gigantic sunflowers in the back. They were unbelievable!seven oaks farm playground

seven oaks farm sunflowers

Before you head out to the play area, be sure to pick up a little bag of goat feed for $1. The goats get very enthusiastic over visitors 🙂seven oaks farm feeding goats seven oaks farm feeding goats

 7 Oaks Farm  doesn’t have a Pumpkin Patch this year due to rotating their crops for their soil, BUT they STILL have pumpkins! seven oaks farm pumpkins seven oaks farm pumpkins

These Gourds were my favorite. $5 each! I’m still having remorse over not buying one…seven oaks farm gourds and pumpkinsseven oaks farm pumpkins

Did you know that you can pick herbs and flowers at 7 Oaks?? The Basil looked incredible. seven oaks farm u-pickseven oaks farm u-pick herbsseven oaks farm cornstalks

Inside the store, there are bins full of different styles of gourds and pumpkins. seven oaks farm pumpkins

These Cinderella Pumpkins were adorable. These pumpkins are getting me excited for the Halloween Season!seven oaks farm pumpkins

We stocked up on fresh apples, and my girls devoured all of them before we even got home. Their produce prices are much cheaper than in the major grocery stores.

seven oaks farm apples

We had so much fun at 7 Oaks Farm, and can’t wait to return in October during their Fall Activities, starting OCT. 3rd!

seven oaks farm fall activities

We ended up going back for some of their fall activities.

My girls of course wants to do the Pony Rides 🙂

We are going to head back in the summer to check out their fresh produce and to feed the goats and play in the play area!